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Cross Platform Language Mashups Are The Way Forward

With new cross-language mash ups appearing all the time with things like JRuby and Jython it makes me wonder where all this is going? Will we have J2EE apps deployed alongside dynamic languages all within the same container, all capable of leveraging the awesome JVM runtime? If so, then wow, thats an awesome proposition. Pretty much every language you can think of is now deployable within a java container - its even possible to deploy .net applications via mono!

Perhaps people will start to standardize on the JVM as a platform - all this constant fighting over runtimes, platforms and environments makes work for the developer and architect extremely difficult; we want to keep up with the latest developments, but it just makes it so difficult to do that with all this chopping and changing.

Anyway, things I think are going to be seriously hot this year are:

Resin Application Server

Lift Framework and Scala


Hessian Binary Remoting

We'll see how things play out over the next few months, but whatever happens, its going to be exciting to see how all these technologies interact with each other - which fizzle out and which go on to achieve wonderful things.

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