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Updated XMPie / Merb Extension for Merb 0.9.2

Just a quick note that I have refactored the code base for the XMPie ICP extension for Merb 0.9.2 and added some extra cool things that are inherited by the ICP subclasses.

Now, its possible to add validation into the model subclass. Lets say we have a feild defined in our uPlan called ‘email' and ‘username'. I need the ‘username' field to be required, which you can now do like so:

class Visitor < Xmpie::Icp::Base
  validates_presence_of :user_name

# in your controller...
@visitor.valid? # => true if has a user_name, otherwise false

All exciting stuff! When XMPie make ICP a more viable persistance tier, then this will no doubt be the quickest and slickest way to implement front ends in. Furthermore, with the Engine Yard team working on mod_rubinus then we should see ruby web application performance finally get where it needs to be.

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