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A Long Road To The Final Chapter

Today is a landmark. I've been working on "Lift in Action": for one year and one month, and finally, this evening, I've reached the last chapter. The manuscript alone is currently sitting at around 120,000 words and represents the single largest body of work I have ever completed in my entire life. To that end felt the need to share this jubilant moment with you, dear reader.

Chapter 6 is the only remaining part of the book and I have now started writing it! If you have bought the MEAP and and given feedback via the forum and emails, I thank you - your feedback thus far has been utterly invaluable. I have many corrections and revisions to include based on your comments and they are coming (promise!), so you should see them appear in the MEAP over the coming weeks accompanied by the as-yet unreleased chapters.

It's been a seriously long road thus far but the end is finally in sight! Cheers to all my readers, friends and family for their support and contributions!

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