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The Year in Photos, 2010

Wow, the 28th of December. This year has utterly flown by! What a year its been; i've done a lot and experienced a whole set of new countries, met some awesome people at different conferences and generally had a great time! With this in mind, I thought I would just share some of my favourite moments from 2010 as we look forward to 2011.

New Years Day, 2010

The 2010 new years day was a crisp but cold day and I decided to go for a walk along the canal and managed to snap some great pictures of the bridges and people from the barges.

Livingo, Italy

In early January I went skiing with some friends to the beautiful mountain village of Livingo, Italy. I absolutely love Italy and this was one of my favourite shots from the holiday. Everyone is super friendly, the food is amazing and the skiing is great. What more could you want?

Sestiere, Italy

After having been persuaded by my "friend":!/mikeedwards83 that going on another ski holiday would be a good idea, we ended up in the Olympic resort of Sestiere. Unfortunately I had a nasty accident on the first day and received a broken hand. Amazing scenery though!

Scala Days, Switzerland

At long last Scala Days 2010 was upon us! This was easily one of the best conferences of 2010, anywhere. Really great people and going to EPFL was like a complete pilgrimage.

As some of you may remember though, there was a the small matter of the icelandic volcano eruption which made flying impossible. An adventure then ensued as we all tried to get back to our mother countries by whatever means possible. For me that meant trains, hitchhiking and ferries! I took this one as we steamed away from France and I can tell you now, i've never been more relieved to be on a ferry! It was a truly epic adventure.

Road Trip!

A friend of mine was getting married in June and his best man has the rather genius idea of doing a Top Gear-style rally up to the most northern point in the great british isles... there was however a catch, we had to buy the most crappy car we could lay our hands on for no more than £300, drive up there and back, and then sell it. This was one of the most hilarious weekends of 2010 and with all the breakdowns and poor weather it was just awesome as we drove a car that was older than me 1500 miles over four days. Epic.

Beautiful June

This time last year I moved into a new house that has the most amazing wildlife in the garden; all year round there are things growing or living there. Being a country boy at heart, this has been really enjoyable and I snapped this flower on a fine summers day in the garden.

Florence, Italy

As the summer came, work was taking its toll and the need to visit Italy again was becoming irresistible. So, one Monday evening I booked a flight to florence the next day and just got on a plane and relaxed in the tuscan country side for a week of serious culture-vultur'ing. Florence is an amazing city and if you ever get the chance to visit, either with a loved one, or solo, its amazing. I took this picture from piazza michelangelo, the highest lookout in Florence. The bridge in the scene is the famous Ponté Vechio. L'amo Italia.

Hyderabad & Mumbai, India

"Viktor" and Sandra came to visit me in the summer, and that was just awesome. Whilst they were here work decided that it would be a great idea to send me to India the following week! I reluctantly accepted the assignment and started to arrange visas etc, as India was not somewhere that really appealed to me travel-wise. How wrong could I have been... India was AMAZING. Every single corner of every view you could take is crammed with vibrant colour and people with smiling faces. Its a truly humbling country and a must-visit place for any westerner. The two pictures below are from some time spent sight-seeing; this first one is Charminar, an ancient lookout post.

The second one here was a moment captured at the top of Golconda Fort; these two lovers had been looking out over the landscape for ages; and what a view it is looking down on the ~7million inhabitants of Hyderabad.


As November came, I was once again sent to Israel to work on a research project. This trip was specifically memorable thanks to "Gal":!/gktheelder and "Erik":!/erikzaadi. This view was taken over the Herzliya beach early evening. Israel is awesome!


With December came snow. Lots and lots of snow! This picture was taken about a week ago, and reminds me why I love living in the UK. Its like a winter wonderland!!

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