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JavaZone 2010: Adventures with Monads and Beer

I have just arrived back from JavaZone and wow, what a great conference. Personally, I see this as being the best conference in Europe at the moment - the approach the organisers take to making zero profit and ploughing all the attendee's fees right back into the conference is simply awe-inspiring! There really is no where quite like it on the EU conference circuit... for example, where else would you see a 3m high Java Duke that when you hug it, subsequently vends free beer... amazing.

Scala in the Nordics

Scala was very very well represented. This was my first time up in that part of the world and wow, what a community they have. Everyone is super smart and really interested in new technology; Scala in particular. On the second night of the conference the local "ScalaBin" held a meeting / pre-party and it was extremely well attended: much beer was consumed and some great conversations had.

Some Photos

Jonas Bon

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