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Scala: It’s Good for Your Health

I was just stood in my kitchen washing the dishes and reflecting on the past four years coding Scala and being heavily involved with the community; seeing it grow and enjoying the relationships that have been forged through that time. I have learnt more during my time in this community than probably any other I have ever been involved with.

To date, I am yet to encounter someone in the Scala and Lift communities who isn't above average intellectually and super friendly. Pretty much everyone, without exception, is very clever and this generates amazingly stimulating discussions, no matter what the topic. I have been exceedingly fortunate to work with the likes of David, Marius, Jonas and Viktor and have them provoke new ideas and create shared experiences with as we challenge our own thinking and continue to improve both Lift and Akka.

Finally, I have been lucky enough to forge some great friendships that have ultimately been very rewarding. Moreover, it makes me wonder what my life might be like had I never gotten involved with Lift? The likelihood of making those same friendships would be slim, and I doubt I would be a published author either!

All this makes me conclude that Scala has had a very, very positive impact on my life as a whole. So, if you are feeling under the weather? Perhaps you should take some Scala ;-)

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