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Adding JASYPT encryption to your scala JPA entity classes

I've recently been looking at how best to make sensitive user data encrpytable within JPA models when in use with lift. I came accross JASYPT and it seems to be a really nice encryption tool. If you want to add it to your scala JPA models, do something like this:

package eu.getintheloop.bloglite.model

import javax.persistence._
import java.util.Date
import org.jasypt.util.password.BasicPasswordEncryptor

@Table(){val name="users"}
class User extends BaseEntity {
  @GeneratedValue(){val strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY}
  @Column(){val insertable = false, val unique = true}
  var id: Long = _

  @Column{val nullable = true}
  var first_name: String = "" 

  @Column{val nullable = true}
  var last_name: String = "" 

  @Column{val unique = true, val nullable = false}
  var username: String = "" 

  @Column{val nullable = false}
  var password_hash: String = "" 

  @Column{val unique = false, val nullable = false}
  var email: String = "" 

  @Column{val unique = false, val nullable = false}
  var is_active: Boolean = false

  def password: String = this.password_hash

  def password_=(in: String) = this.password_hash = encrypt(in)

  def authenticate(in: String): Boolean = {
    new BasicPasswordEncryptor().checkPassword(in, password) 
      && is_active

  private def encrypt(in: String): String = 
    new BasicPasswordEncryptor().encryptPassword(in)

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