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Amazon EC2; Could This Be The Best Computing Platform Ever?

I've recently started using Amazon EC2 and put quite simply, it could well be the best computing platform the world has ever seen! Its flexible, scalable, and very competitively priced which makes it an attractive proposition for users that are currently on fixed priced virtual machine hosting.

The real differentiator with EC2 is that you are effectively building a linux machine from scratch that can be flug around there cloud to any location. So, that means you could make an image of your running machine using there AMI Tools and have your box running in East Coast America. Pretty straight forward so far. You then get wind (pun intended) that a massive hurricane is about to hit the East Coast, and you'd feel safer if your servers were far far away, right? No problem, with a simple one line command you can re-deploy the image to the West Coast cloud and everything would just pick up where it left off! Amazing!

On top of all that clever trickery, you get pretty decent control over firewall ACL's and the choice of box configuration is pretty decent - the ‘small' machine still has 1.7GB of RAM, which is a boat load more than most of VM's on the market. You can even get 7.5GB and 15GB variants.

Amazon, you have out-done yourselves. Congratulations!

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