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Working MySQL 5 OLEDB Connectivity for XMPie Server

Well, after a long stint of having no decent MySQL support (as uProduce only supports up to version 4 out of the box. Other than my ODBC monkey patch there has been no version 5 support), I have managed to find a working, and critically viable, solution for using MySQL 5 with XMPie uProduce. sell (not that you can even call it that, its only $10) a little mysql driver that with a little bit of work you can make work with uProduce and uPlan - its nice to have MySQL back!

You can use a DSN with generic DB like this:

SecurityInfo=True;User ID=YOURUSERNAME;Data Source=YOURDBHOST;
Location=YOURDBHOST;Mode=Read;Trace="";Initial Catalog=INITIALDATABASE</code>

Initial results are great - its working cleanly and quickly - good times with MySQL!

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