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Im sure Microsoft must be a synonym for crap?

I recently have had to do come C++ coding - not my usual play ground i must admit, but never the less, something I needed to do.

My first port of call was to download the Visual C++ installer, which I did. Fine and dandy I thought, it seemed to work ok. The GUI was typical 2007 style, so yes, I couldn't find a thing.

I then set about doing some coding, only to find that even simple stuff like

<code>#include <windows.h>

I was getting all manner of errors in the bottom console. I only then found out that without the super duper "Microsoft Platform SDK" you couldn't actually do sweet f**k all. So, to another 500mb download, on top of the painful download and installation of the IDE, this was somewhat insulting.

Microsoft, we the developers and end users of your software urge you to please plug your brain in before making these kinds of choices! I know you say VC++ is meant to only ‘give a taste' for windows C++ development, but if you want that taste to be something other than bitter resentment, make sure your products work properly out of the box!!

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