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Ruby SMS gateway client for

Well, I finally got round to getting my own RubyForge project! Its been a while coming now, but I decided to release some of the work ive done using the (SignUpTo)[] SMS gateway as a gem :)

Its still very early stages, as i only needed something rough for the project I was working on, however i put it out anyway - its rough but it does work I assure you! lol

You can check the project page at ([] and download the source files (here)[].

Otherwise, if you wanna install via gems, just do the usual:

sudo gem install signupto

So how do I use it?

For this example, we'll use rails, at thats probally where people might use it most often... In your boot.rb do

<code>gem 'signupto'</code>

Then require the files in your enviroment.rb

<code>require 'net/sms/signupto'</code>

That will then let you use the classes anywhere in your app :) such as

<code>account =‘YOUR ACCOUNT HASH', ‘CUSTOMER')
message =,
'NAME OF SENDER (max 12 chars)', 
‘BODY OF MESSAGE, NON-URI encoded')</code>

<code>send =, message)</code>

The SMS's should then just fly out the door! Apologies as I know this is a very rushed first post about this, but I have places to go and people to see ;) I'll be bolstering the unit tests and examples soon. Stay tuned people!!

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